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Passionate about SAS Code and Python, we stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments thanks to the SAS training, the SAS Support , the SUGI , the SAS Global Forum, SASENSEI, the SAS Belux User group or the SAS communities.

This page contains interesting papers we collected throught the Web and are used for our coaching preparations and our specific consultancy activities. Download them for free and read them where you want!!!

Publication list

Parallel Processing Hands-On Workshop

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to implement your SAS applications to execute code in parallel and significantly reduce overall execution time. This technic uses RSUBMIT with MP CONNECT

Programming Tricks For Reducing Storage And Work Space

This paper discusses couple of interesting options to reduce data set disk storage (compress, reuse options..)

Off and Running with Arrays in SAS

Whenever there are a group of variables to be processed in the data step, it might be well worth considering using arrays to help accomplish the business objective. This paper shows you how to use SAS Arrays

So You are Running Out of Sort Work Space . . .Reducing the Resources Used by PROC SORT

The SAS software contains tools and strategies that reduce or trade off the resources needed to sort data. This tutorial explains these tools, with an emphasis on reducing the amount of sort work space.

Table Lookup: Techniques Beyond the Obvious

This paper discusses seven different approaches to perform the table lookup in terms of processing time and the complexity of coding.

Using KEY= to Perform Table Look-up

This paper demonstrates the use of indexes to perform table look-up in SAS DATA Step

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