This result means that we met a high level of instructional and SAS Software-related expertise in delivering SAS training and thanks to that we are accredited to deliver SAS training for one year.
In other words, when you order a SAS training via the official SAS portal, there is a given probability that BeOptimized will seat in front of you ! Click here to learn more info about the program
According to SAS: "SAS instructors are the best and brightest SAS experts around the world. They're committed to helping you learn and grow with SAS. The recipient of this badge has proven their expertise to develop and deliver SAS software training to users."

Smile on their face, the BNPPF team was proud that day to hold on a special 'Congratulations' certificate from BeOptimized. They can all attest that BeOptimized significantly improved the performance of their SAS process used by their business users since 2016 ! More precisally, thanks to advanced SAS programming techniques which are part of our SAS Code Optimization service , their process is now 5 times faster than before !

BeGees is an internal BeOptimized project focused on the understanding of the energy consumption and production at BeOptimized.
It's an end-to-end project realized in pure Python code. The data are extracted from a smart-meter and web cam connected to a Raspberry Pi. Then the data are pushed to a MySQL database thanks to a Rest API.
Finally the data are surfaced into a web browser thanks to Django. In this project we also use Docker-Compose in order to manage several containers hosted on a NAS server. More info

Created in 2017 the BeOptimized Tips and tricks service was improved and yield now to a SAS Expert certificate ! These super students followed every Friday for 9 weeks, a condensed course of SAS programming language: Data Step processing, array manipulation, do loop, flat files ingestion, formats, Proc SQL, macro variables and macro programs… they master the end-to-end SAS data manipulation technics and believe me, they are real SAS Experts ! Congratulations to the entire team, … you all made a great job!

Technical Data Engineer at BNPPF

The objectif of the mission is to take the ownership and update a data driven SAS Intrnet web application used in the risk department at BNPParibasFortis.

BeOptimized goes GREEN

In 2021, BeOptimized invested in 17 Solar Panels with a total installed power of 5780 Wp. The expected annual energy production is around 5MWh. With that production, BeOptimized will produce more energy than it consumes, and the surplus will go to the grid where someone else will consume this 100% green energy.
In parallel of that investment, BeOptimized replaced his DIESEL CAR with a 100% ELECTRIC CAR , directly connected to the solar panels.
This completes the investments made previous years at the office such as: double glasses everywhere, roof isolated, automatic Velux shutters, gas condensing boiler, electric reversible climate control and real time electricity consumption monitoring…

Christophe Kabacinski is now Guest Lecturer at UCLouvain

As a guest lecturer at UCLouvain, Christophe is holder of the course LSTAT2370 . In this course the following topics are covered: SAS SQL, SAS Macro, SAS Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies and SAS Viya. This course is designed for students and prepare them partially to the SAS Adv certification.

BeOptimized is ranked #3 at SASENSEI

This picture was taken during SAS Curiosity Forum and represent, from left to right, the top 5 belgian players of the SASENSEI quiz. Sasensei is a question based learning system where you can learn SAS and challenge your peers on a worldwide basis.

BeOptimized is working with P&V

The aim of the mission was to create a corporate risk dashboard in SAS VA 7.4 where the data are refreshed and loaded on demand in the LASR via STP. Project delivered on time for P&V Assurances .

BeOptimized is working with APPC

APPC is the Actuarial Programming for Performance and Compliance. APPC is a group of compliance and IT experts which help insurance companies and financial institutions to comply with regulations. Throughout this project, we are optimizing a multi-tenant cloud based SAS AML 7.1 solution hosted on the AMSIO cloud platform to do Watch List Monitoring in real-time via SAAS. Click here for more info regarding this project.
This project is done in collaboration with Consortix a major company in the implementation of AML solutions across Europe and Complidata , THE SAS AML solution reseller in Belgium.

BeOptimized SAS Partner

BeOptimized signed a partnership with SAS and is now SAS Silver Partner; what does that mean?

  • * Assist the annual partner forum to learn about the latest in analytics, data management and visualization from SAS, and gain information about the latest industry trends and highlights of the partner program,
  • * Access SAS publications course notes, e-learning & training at lower cost in order to stay up to date on new SAS releases,
  • * Access partner demo center and SAS software in order to learn new products and make customer facing demonstration more easily,
  • * and many other things ... Click here for more info

BeOptimized Coaching

Official start of the SAS Coaching service. Coaching material and methodology are ready and couple of customers have been aleardy coached by BeOptimized. In one day or just couple of hours, we coach you on site on the SAS topics you want. During the sessions, we discuss various high level SAS topics such as: SAS Arrays and do loop, Hash objects, use of SAS Indexes or simply difference between Data Step and Proc SQL, Introduction to SAS...
For each session, a few slides are created, demo are delivered and the customers do exercises

ENGIE Electrabel

First contract signed with ENGIE ELectrabel where we are involved in 3 projects:

  • In the Settlement & DAM Departement, we were involved in the MIG 6 project where we reingineered all the BASE SAS Codes with regards to the MIG6 changes. We took this opportunity to optimize and apply best practices in the code used in the departments. Coaching are also regularly organized in order to increase the proficiency level of some SAS users.

  • In the Marketing Departement, we gather various marketing sources and analyse the marketing pressure applied on every client in order to optimize it.

  • In the Compliance Department, we apply modification to the ENGIE back-end systems n order to stick with GDPR requirements.. (Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten fields)

SAS Tervuren

Training consultant and Analytical consultant, Christophe has been working at the SAS Institute-Tervuren for 8 years. Check his LinkedIn profile for more info on his previous projects

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