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Passionate about SAS Code and Python, we stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments thanks to the SAS training, the SAS Support , the SUGI , the SAS Global Forum, SASENSEI, the SAS Belux User group or the SAS communities.

This page contains interesting papers we collected throught the Web and are used for our coaching preparations and our specific consultancy activities. Download them for free and read them where you want!!!

Publication list

R Basics Cheat Sheet

this cheat sheet gives you syntax summary in R: access help file, access and read data, programming, using mathematical expression, computing basic statistics, manipulate matrix and dataframe (etc)

R Import Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is focused on the import and data manipulation in R : read tabular or non tabular data, use tibbles package, reshape your data, handle missing values, expand table (etc)

R Data Mining reference card

This document list you by topics all the R packages and functions used in data mining domain

R Data Transformation Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is focused on the data manipulation in R using the package data.table : create a data.table, subsetting rows, functions, group by , reshape, combine..

R Machine Learning

This document is a cheat sheet focused on machine learning using R. The list of the packages and functions are discribed but some information and graphics are also provided in order to digest the topics more easily. Main steps of machine learning are explained: prepare data, explore data, create model, fine tune model, compare and assess model

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